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What is Tattoo Life Gallery?

Tattoo Life Gallery is a thought-out gallery of images selected by the Tattoo Life Production staff (, an international reference in the panorama of the culture of art on skin. Like a giant visual library of tattoos the photos are listed according to key word and according to studio/artist. You will find ideas and inspiration, you can find tattoo studios and your favorite artists and even local and international news.

How does the Tattoo Life Gallery work?

Tattoo Life Gallery is a service with paid subscription. There are three types of subscription, each with a different duration and cost. You can choose the subscription that best meets your requirements. Surf through our photos for a week, a month or a year. All the subscriptions have an expiration date: they are not renewed automatically, you will decide when and what to renew. Payment will take place only through credit card or Paypal. Here are our offers.

Am I buying the photos by subscribing to the service?

No. The service only offers the possibility to accept and search the archive. The images cannot be used for editorial purposes or commercial purposes. The reproduction of the photographic material is forbidden without explicit authorization. The reproduction of our brands is forbidden without explicit authorization.

Which browser is compatible with this web site?

The Tattoo Life Gallery site was tested using Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, FireFox and Safari on Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Does my browser have to be able to accept cookies?

Tattoolifegallery uses cookies to memorize your user name and password. No information on your credit card or purchasing data are saved in the cookie. Not even your personal data is saved in the cookies by

I subscribed. How can I add images to my Favorites?

When you are in the last window and the selected photo appears in the forefront, on the top right part of the screen you will find a button “add to favorites”. This will allow you to add the image to your favorites by clicking on the button. After adding the image, in the same position, you will find the button “eliminate from favorites” to remove the photo from the collection.

How long will my selection of Favorites remain on the site?

Your images will remain in the Favorites section until you delete them, even after your subscription has expired. You can check the photos in the Favorites section only when your subscription is active.

How can I share a collection with a colleague/friend?

All collections are personal, they can be shared with others through your monitor, but you cannot send them to third parties.

Can I create an on-line gallery with your photos?

No. We suggest creating a collection on your account in the Favorites section to work in group and share the images directly on the screen. The reproduction of the photographic material is forbidden without explicit authorization. The reproduction of our brands is forbidden without explicit authorization.

Can I share my username/password with friends?

The log-in data (e-mail and password) are personal data that you should never share. According to the Terms and Conditions of use of this site only one user can use the account.

Can I have more than one active subscription at the same time?

Each subscription is personal and associated to an email address. You can have more than one active subscription, but each must be associated to a different email address.

Why was I disconnected when my colleague logged on?

Tattoolifegallery updated the security of its web pages. By subscribing to the site you accept not to share your user name and password with anybody. The combination of your user name and password will be exclusively used by you. Every individual, that wants to receive a user name and password, will have to subscribe to and buy a subscription. You can use Tattoolifegallery on one computer only but whenever you want. If two or more users try to use the same log-in at the same time, Tattoolifegallery will reserve the right to cancel the subscription and the account of the relating user without prior notice and without refund. We reserve the right to monitor the accounts and use various methods to stop the users from sharing their log-in information. Moreover, each time an individual connects with the same user name and the same password of another person, the first user will be automatically disconnected from the page, to inform him/her that someone is using his/her account. This action is used as a safety measure and to protect our users against criminal actions.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through credit cards and Paypal.

Which currency can I use to pay?

We charge all our services in Euros. Your bank will make the currency exchange at the time of payment.

The system refused my credit card. Are there any problems?

If the system does not accept your credit card, please verify all the information you gave us, including your credit card number, date of expiration and safety code. If your credit card was refused please contact your bank for further information.

How do you protect my credit card information?

We don’t save the information on your credit card. The transaction takes place on the site of Banca Sella, our bank, and not on our domain We chose this solution to assure maximum security standards and maximum transparency.

My subscription can be activated without receipt and confirmation of payment?

We don’t activate the accounts of our customers until our bank receives the payment. Usually with payment through credit card or Paypal, activation is immediate. There could be delays that depend on your bank that sends us thee confirmation of payment. If the account was not activated it means that we did not receive payment. Your subscription starts from the date of activation, so you will not lose any days of our service in case of delayed activation. For any questions on the situation of your payment write to

What are the conditions of use of your site?

To check the Terms and Conditions of your account, click here.

How can I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription very simply by clicking on “Join now” and choosing the offer you prefer. Our subscriptions all have an expiration date and are not renewed automatically, we chose this because we believe in transparency and mutual trust. A few days before your subscription expires, we will use the email address you gave us to send you an email reminding you that your subscription is about to expire. Follow the link in the email to choose to renew your subscription.

How can I remove my email address from your mailing list?

By sending an email to with reference “Cancel me from your mailing list”; or using the link “unsubscribe” right below the newsletter we sent you.